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DIGW goes "low tech"

Our upcoming trip to South Africa has prompted us to push forward a feature we had been planning for a while: the ability to make a PDF of any game on the fly, which then can be printed and played completely offline.  There are a few limitations, mainly concerning what happens with video and certain image formats, but with the current "DevFacToe" game format, the methods of play in both the paper and online versions are very similar.  (Here's a sample pdf.)  Having this option means that the website can still be used as a tool for creating and sharing, but participation doesn't depend on having a computer at one's fingertips all the time.  Which of course is important in places with limited hardware and/or connectivity.

The other notably new thing on the DIGW site is the "Health in Africa" game (created, in this case, by Remi Holden, one of the DIGW team members). It has some rather astounding facts presented with a nice mix of phrases, numbers, images, and video.




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