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DIGW prototype site

We have a prototype site up and running at  We still have quite a bit of work to do before it's ready for beta testing, including the incorporation of images/audio/video in games, commenting and rating of games, tagging and categorization, social networking and group-management tools, integration with DevInfo database tools, integration with Fractor, support materials, and more game templates.  Plus we don't yet know how it will hold up to large numbers of simultaneous users, and it doesn't look right in IE 6 (sigh).  Still, the basic game-creation and game-play functionality is there.  We'd love feedback from anyone willing to try, keeping in mind all the caveats above!

P.S.  If you follow links from the current site, you may end up at the "DevFacToe" site, which was an earlier prototype.  We're in the process of moving some of those games over to the new prototype site....


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