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Open Question: How will digital humanities impact archaeology and ancient history?

Hello everyone! I'm so excited about the already diverse (and growing!) group of scholars who've joined the Digital Archaeology and Ancient History group. Since we have a nice size, I thought now might be a good time to open up the floor for discussion with a very general open question: How do you think (or hope) digital humanities will impact archaeology and ancient history?

As for myself, I'm very excited about the possibilities offered by digital tools in allowing archaeologists to explore areas in which they haven't previously had access. Perfect example: The Telegraph recently reported that archaeologists in Italy are using lasers and robots to explore and map Rome's aqueduct system (Read the story here). I'm also excited about the new ways of visualizing the ancient world afforded by digital map-making applications, as are currently being explored by labs like the Ancient World Mapping Center and projects like the Hestia. Overall, I see digital tools as opening up new questions and areas of focus that weren't possible twenty years ago.


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