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My name is Jesica Jayd H. Lewis (call me Jayd) and I am a graduate student studying Ancient History at North Carolina State University. I'm excited about the possibilities that digital tools offer for advancing my field and for re-shaping the way we think about the past.

Currently, I am enrolled in a Practicum on Digital History under Dr. Matthew Booker (an environmental historian who worked for a number of years with The Stanford University Spatial History Project ( that is in collaboration with courses on the Digital Humanities at Duke University (led by Mark Olson) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (led by Bobby Allen). The forum for this collaborative course is at

I’m also experimenting with a collaborative blog project on Ancient History with a number of my fellow students at NCSU. I created a personal blog for Ancient History earlier this year, but recently decided to open up the website to a number of other contributors (a number which I hope will continue to grow).

I hope that through participation in HASTAC, I will gain more familiarity with issues related to Digital Humanities as well as increase my literacy in digital tools. 


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