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Celebrity Humility

Celebrity Humility

Jimmy Chow

Professor Ashton

English 110


Does a religion have effects on how humble celebrities can be? A religion is a collection of beliefs that view how the existence of humans came to be. Most religions are separated by race. The rest of the religions are separated inside each race. Religion is just a belief, not knowing if it’s true or not. Many religions have rules that separate one religion to another. The rules to one religion can be more strict than the rules of another religion. An example of this separation of religion would be Buddhism and Chinese Christianity. Buddhism is a religion where their God, Buddha, is a God to be prayed for help and salvation…  Buddha and his followers didn’t leave any writings, but his rules for monastic life and teachings were memorized and passed down by oral tradition (Wu). The oral teaching was corrupted so we wouldn’t know if any of the teachings would be correct in modern day. On the other hand, “Christianity had a main text and a long set of interpretive history in the Middle East and Europe. Christianity has been around for a very long time and prays to Jesus who is God’s son (Wu).” A religion can make anyone wonder which one they should follow and which one is the real deal.

A celebrity is a person who is well-known. A celebrity is a title that people give other people who entertain many lives as a part of their job. Celebrities have the job of keeping their audiences filled with emotions on how life should work. Many celebrities use social media to bring fame and popularity to themselves. Most of the celebrities think of ways to profit for themselves and live the good life. While on the other hand, some celebrities use their fame and fortune for others, and try to create a better life for the people in need of help. Humility is another word for humble. To be humble is to have a low opinion of oneself, especially when others have a higher opinion of one (KellenBerger 321-336). There are celebrities that are humble enough to think that everyone should live a good life. A celebrities who fits into the category of humble is movie actor Chan Kong-sang a.k.a. Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan has used effort to create a better environment for many other people that he believes has a more valuable life than himself.  

    Jackie Chan is a well-known movie actor in Hong Kong with his kung fu comedy and risky stunts that he performs by himself. He has starred in movies like the Rush Hour series and The Forbidden Kingdom. Chan is a buddhist, but does not talk about his faith, calling into question his level of devotion. But Chan did study Shaolin Kung-Fu, which is very closely tied to the Buddhist religion, and Chan has expressed a disappointment with the commercialization of this religious art form (Kershaw). It is known that the philosophy of Shaolin has an oath that Shaolin monks abide by. This oath would be called the “Eight Precepts of Shaolin Discipleship.” One of the eight precepts would be “Live your life so that it reflects humility, compassion and kindness (Shaolin).” Jackie Chan has been following a Shaolin monk throughout training. So some characteristics of the monks would go into Jackie Chan’s life as he is a Shaolin Disciple. That rule describes him by the way he acts. An example why Jackie Chan is humble is because he says, “I’d rather be unique than be the best. Trying to be the greatest action star in the world is too tough. There have been so many good people. Stallone. Schwarzenegger. They’re number ones. I’m not a number one, but I am unique. When I’d see famous actors do one style of fighting, I’d make sure to do another (Times).” His characteristics of a Shaolin disciple has shown that he knows there is always someone out there that is better than him. He will always downgrade himself, but he will improve by doing things differently than other people.

A reason how the characteristic of being a Shaolin has made him humble is that he does a lot of charity. “For many years, Chan has been actively participating in all kinds of charitable works and contributed money and effort. He regards charity as an important part of his life (Qian).” The compassion and kindness would be the money given to the charity which raises money. “In 1988, Chan established the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, which provides scholarships and help for Hong Kong’s young people. Before long, the foundation expanded its activities to support disaster relief, medical care and art performance (Qian).” The humility would be that he believes every young person has a more precious life than his and he is willing to sacrifice the money he has to create fundings for them. Many people give respect to Jackie Chan as he has done many things in life, where most of the benefits goes to the other person.

Nowadays many celebrities are believed to have become atheists. There are some celebrities who don’t believe that they have a religion or they don’t want to believe in a religion.  So thus they believe that there are no restrictions to their life. They believe that they are free to do whatever they want. They do not have the same beliefs as their parents who come from other countries. People have now learned to become rebellious and believe that no one religion is great. Everyone has an equal right to be whoever they want. But religion still plays a big part of how a celebrity will act. Celebrities will act upon however they like, but they have lived through their religion when they were with their parents. They may have gone through many struggles and despairs as a social group of whatever race they are. But one thing celebrities hide is the past when their religious structure limited them to hardships, It’s just like the saying, “No pain, No gain.” If nobody is there to stop somebody from doing something, why would they stop by themselves? People might hit you for doing something wrong, but the lesson of knowing that something was wrong allows you to take a grasp of the situation and choose whether the decisions made were right or wrong.

Religion has a huge impact on how much someone can be humble. Celebrities come from all around the world. They all have different religions or beliefs that makes them who they are. The religion with more strict rules, is more likely to have a humble person who understands what happens if they do something that displeases their God. There are celebrities out there who also don’t believe in any religion. But the question is what restrictions do they have? They are not learning from anyone. They don’t have rules that can stop them from doing bad things in life. No one is there to limit their actions. Religion plays the big part in history of how a celebrity will act and how humble they will be.


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