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Harlot: A revealing look at the arts of persuasion

A new e-journal/magazine has popped up on a couple of listservs, as I thought some HASTAC-ers would be interesting.  It's called Harlot. Here's a description:

"Harlot is a digital magazine and web forum dedicated toprovoking playful and serious conversations about rhetoric ? fromreality television to public monuments, religion to pop music, andeverything in between. As a netroots campaign in rhetorical literacy,Harlot promotes critical response to the endless streams of subtlypersuasive communication that surround us every day. We at Harlotbelieve rhetorical analysis and production can help us to betterunderstand and more effectively and ethically influence our communitiesand world. And so we offer a space for your relevant, accessiblecriticism and collaborative meaning-making."


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