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Rivers Cuomo and Distributed Composition

Rivers Cuomo is the lead singer of Weezer, and a number of months ago he asked the YouTube community to help him write a song.  The song is now at step 15, but you can view each stage of the process at Cuomo's YouTube page.  That Cuomo has tapped the resources of thousands of fans to write this song shows how far Web 2.0 has come in a few short years.  Yeah, Facebook's "Mob Wars" might be evidence that Web 2.0 isn't all that ground breaking, but Cuomo's project is a fascinating example of how web tools really do allow for new kinds of collaborations.


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Totally in love with the process even if the song isn't my fav. Hilarious video. Cliche, anti-cliche and pop traditions. Briiliant. Thanks for this!