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I finished a doctoral degree in 2012 at Bryn Mawr College across the departments of art history and Italian Studies with a dissertation on Futurist Aeropainting: Extended Women and the Kingdom of the Machine. I am currently an adjunct instructor for Iowa State University's Design School Rome Program and The American University of Rome. I also work as a staff writer for the American Academy in Rome writing articles about its exhibitions, lectures, concerts and events. I am currently working on a manuscript, tentatively entitled Donne Moltiplicate: Women Artists of Italian Futurism in Critical Perspective. I will be sharing sections of this manuscript in aid of thinking through certain aspects of critical gender theory, specifically those related to the dialectics of body/mind, the concept of abjection, and issues of gender and technology. I am participating in this workshop for the purpose of making new contacts with other feminist scholars and to have an initial peer review of this material by scholars interested in aspects of women and gender. I also hope to find inspiration in this cooperative platform. 


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Hi Jennifer,
Welcome to the workshop! I have a friend who is in the Rhetoric and Professional Communication program at Iowa State. She’s really enjoying the program.
Your manuscript on women artists and Italian futurism sounds fascinating!
Lori Beth