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Jessie & Co FSDW Group #1 - Powering On

Greetings  ~

Just a reminder that even as folks in the other FSDW groups conclude & post summaries and wrap-ups, we in the fabulous Group #1 are powering on.  Our group extends through Friday, 5/31.

We got a bit of a late start, many of our group were still putting their semesters to bed, and we are managing our conversation across global borders and several time zones. 

I should also share with you that I've been dealing with a new (& temporary) disability in the form of a badly broken shoulder.  While I'll be fine in the long term, in the near term it means that between using one-handed, hunt-and-peck typing, learning voice-activated software and trying to stay awake and coherent on pain meds,  everything takes me at least four times as long as it usually does.  So, my apologies on all delays caused by me, as 'leader,' and thanks in advance for your patience.

All that said, I did manage to post my piece (along with links to the slides for the visuals) in the shared Google folder.  Fair warning: these are basically my typed notes from a talk I gave, so this "paper" is in very rough, very draft-y form.  The sort of feedback I'd find most useful would be broad strokes suggestions about how to flesh out my argument, especially around feminist activism as digital labor and around race, affect and white feminism. I'd also appreciate suggestions about what sort of journals might publish something like this.

I believe that just leaves Lara to post hers and we will have completed the "sharing our work" portion of the workshop.

I'm still working my way through feedback to Shilyh, Viv, & Kara.  Thanks again for your patience with my slowness.


~ Jessie






Jessie: thank you for keeping your group on track and for organizing everyone, especially in light of the fact that you have a broken shoulder.  I'm really sorry to hear about that and hope you recover soon.

Vivienne, Laura, Kara, and Shilyh: thank you for your flexibility and patience.  I appreciate your dedication to the workshop and to your group. 
If any of you need anything as you continue to review each other's work, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm just an email away.  
Finally, once your group has wrapped everything up, I'd love it if you could post a workshop summary/reflection as well as take the survey.  I'm especially keen to hear ideas and suggestions from you all about how to improve the workshop. This is my first year creating/organizing everything, so I know there are kinks to work out. 
Lori Beth 

Jesse and Group 1,

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Jesse! (I remember seeing a sling post, just now putting two and two sorry about your shoulder).

I just got back this evening and will get back to the papers this week. I left comments on the Google doc for Shilyh and will do the same for the rest--if that's what you prefer, just let me know.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.



Hi Group #1,

I'm looking forward to diving back into our shared files this week. I'm so glad we extended our time. Jessie, heartfelt healing vibes for your shoulder; I'm amazed you're sitting in front of the computer at all! 

Hope everyone had a fun weekend,