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stuck in new orleans

I didn't really pay that much attention to Hurricane Katrina as it was hitting. I obviously knew the basics of what was going on, but I really didn't know many details of what had happened, etc. After watching 'When the Leves Broke," I was amazed by a lot of things. In the documentary, they said over 127,000 people had no transportation. While this seems obvious, it struck me. 127,000 people had no way to get out of New Orleans. They couldn't fulfill the mandatory evacuation. In addition, many elderly and the disabled also had no way to leave. What a horrible place to be! Stuck in New Orleans, with a category 5 hurricane coming through, and not being able to leave. Also, being in the Superdome with so many other people and just being completely useless to do anything to help your situation. I have a lot of respect for all the people who made it through this horrible experience.


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