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Are You Going to MLA?

MLAI realize Ethan already posted "MLA Conference 2009" back in November; nevertheless, I'm following up to see who involved in HASTAC (readers, HASTAC Scholars, DMLC winners, organizers . . .) will be attending.  It would be great to get a running list here, including presentations/talks. 

I'll start.  And perhaps people can respond, via comment, with their info? 

December 28th (morning)

  • Ethan Tussey, "Viral Play: Internet Humor, Viral Marketing, and the Ubiquitous Gaming of The Dark Knight" as part of the "Play the Movie: Digital-Video Games and the Cinematic Turn" panel

December 29th (afternoon)

  • Gerry Canavan (12 p.m.) "Progress, Disaster, Entropy, Permaculture: Towards an Ontology of Limit" as part of the "Oil Ontologies" panel

December 29th (evening)

  • Jentery Sayers (room 405, Philadelphia Marriott, 7:15 p.m.), "Animating Audiences: Digital Publication Projects and Their Publics" as part of the "Gaining a Public Voice: Alternative Genres of Publication for Graduate Students" panel

Let me know if you are presenting or attending, and I'll edit the list accordingly.  Perhaps we could organize a get-together of some sort. 

[& Ethan and Gerry: let me know if I need to revise what's above.]

Until soon!




I'd love to have a HASTAC meetup or dinner...


Great idea! Last month I compiled a list of all digital humanities-related MLA sessions. I imagine there'll be a lot of overlap between HASTAC folks and other digital humanities folk (who haven't yet heard of HASTAC).

You might also want to check out Bethany Nowviskie's MLA/Digital Humanities Twitter list. Contact Bethany if you'd like to be added to the list. We hope to have a tweet-up or two in Philly.


I am on Bethany's list, but I would love to be included on the HASTAC list as well. I am interested in a dinner during the conference, except on the evening of the 30th. My Twitter ID is amandalicastro and my e-mail is Thank you!