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Jennifer Nish's Introduction to FSDW15

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry my introduction is late. I've had a hectic beginning to my week. Ok, my introduction:  I’ve just finished my first year as an assistant professor of English (specializing in Rhetoric and Composition) at the American University of Beirut. My research focuses on the ways that activist groups use digital communication to foster transnational public dialogue about feminist issues. Right now, I'm trying to work on turning material from my dissertation into article-length pieces, and I think I will share one of my dissertation chapters with that goal in mind. The chapter is about an activist group called The Uprising of Women in the Arab World and their use of an online photo campaign to interrupt public discourses about the Arab Spring in order to highlight women's issues.


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I look forward to reading and commenting on your project. Thank you. I am in your group. Maryann