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Seeking k-12 classes for global Wiki project

We are currently recruiting k-12 teachers from around the world to participate in a global wiki book on communities.  

Each class will write one chapter. Within the chapter students can write about different aspects of their community (things to do for fun, natural resources, historical markers, etc). Participating classes will be able to read and review each others' chapters. We see this providing an authentic audience for students' writing and creating a natural forum for cultural exchange.

We have recruited classes from exciting international locations including Malawi, Chile, China, Azerbaijan and Canada we are working on establishing more connections in India, Hungary, Krygyzstan, Cyprus and Brazil.  

We are starting with k-12 classes for the fall and plan to include higher ed in the spring.


If you know teachers who may be interested in participating, please have them email me at or check out our website.

WiTTIE has a new web site:






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