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End of the Semester

Hello everyone! 

I hope you all had a great end of the semester! I realize that my blog posts were rather sporadic and I wish I had contributed a bit more this semester. Anyhow, I just figured I'd publish an end of the semester update/accomplishment post as Kalle suggested in his email.

I'm very excited to share that I finished all of my requirements for the Digital Humanities certificate at ASU, and I am the first graduate student at the university to obtain the certificate since its establishment. The last courses I had were a Final Project course and then an elective which was Philosophies of Technology. Both went well, and I will be able to use work from both for my dissertation, which I am currently working on. 

I won't go into much detail as the project I completed, which was a paper, has yet to be published. But to give a general sense of the project I was working on visualizations and social network analysis on Twitter regarding social justice in English and Spanish. After months of using Nodexl, it was gratifying to see all the compiled data. However, AntConc didn't cooperate when trying to comb through 150,000 files of text (I had to break down that amount into smaller compilations of text). I'm hoping to return to this project and learn and utilize a more powerful linguistic analysis tool (particularly looking at collocates) that will be able to comb through all those texts at once. 

I was able to show the results of this project at the "2017 Connected Academics Colloquium for Careers in the Arts and the Humanities" that was hosted at the end of the semester at ASU. 

My final work in Philosophies of Technology will look at the use of technologies and the manipulation and construction of identity. Again, beyond that I can't go into much more detail...

Finally, earlier in the year I was assisting two professors with an online public archive with Dr. Urioste and Dr. Horan. The archive is dedicated to showcasing information about Spanish female friendships and networks during the Spanish Civil War. Omeka is being used for the project. And here is the website, which is in progress:

I'm also attaching a photo of the pamphlet of the conference at ASU when/where it was revealed to the public for the first time:

It was a great semester and my goal this summer is to make progress in my dissertation research and writing. Again, I hope you all had a great semester! 


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