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#HASTAC2014 Peru Day II: A Conference with a Different Operating System

#HASTAC2014 Peru Day II: A Conference with a Different Operating System

During yesterday's opening remarks at the HASTAC 2014 Conference in Lima, Peru Cathy Davidson set the tone with the statement: 

"Difference is not our deficit its our operating system."

This statement rang true throughout all day's following panels, lightning talks, informal conversations on breaks in corners of the Ministry of Culture, Q&As and Project demonstrations/maker spaces buzzing with activity.  There is a surprising balance of international and local attendees adding to the rich perspectives of the conversations.  One round of lighting talks I attended featured a wonderful combination of three very different, yet related projects.  These projects were presented by Ashley Young, Matthew Garcia and Diane Daly.  

Ashley presented on the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge's own Digital History Working Group.  Having seen this group form and evolve at the PhD Lab over the past two years, it was great seeing their work shared with a broader audience.  I was also excited by the work Matthew Garcia presented on the intersection of public pedagogy and new media practice.  The arts are definitely represented at HASTAC2014 as demonstrated by Matthew Garcia and Diane Daly.  Diane presented on RAGE COMICS and the importance of understanding archetypes in this evolving digital community.  I appreciated the humour of these archetypes and seeing them presented in this context was exciting.  The presentations weaved together with Ashley talking about face to face in connection with digital communication, then Matthew's discussion of site specific vacant land performances regarding ecological colonization to understanding feel like a sir and analytical applications of Rage comics.  These seemingly very different/disparate  topics came together in new and exciting ways.  This combination of lightning talks and Q&A discussion exemplifies why it matters and what can happen when you bring students, teachers, artists, scientists, policy makers, etc. together in the same room.


What's your rage face?







After presenting and feeling the collective high of building knowledge together through seemingly disparate topics, I could not help but feel RELIEVED and GRATEFUL. I have to say thank you to the attentive and supportive audience for sustaining a 25-minute Q&A session after our presentations! Enlightening only scratches the surface of our conversation.


"No es para tanto..."