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I'm Jennifer Hardwick (Jen) a PhD candidate in the Department of English at Queen's University. I'm thrilled to be a HASTAC Scholar this year, and to join this vibrant community.

I am interested in the impact that language and literature have on identity, power structures, and community. In particular, I am curious about the roles language and literature (or more broadly speaking, stories) can play in resistance, community building, healing, and the assertion of self. To date my research has primarily focused on Indigenous-settler relations, youth culture, and the impact of digital technology on artist practice, but I also have interests in poverty, media studies, political rhetoric, and pedagogy to name a few. My dissertation, entitled “Emerging Voices: Reading Canadian Youth Online,” examines issues of knowledge, identity and community in online content produced by youth. I have also worked on projects on critical and hybrid pedagogies, colonial rhetoric(s) in media and education, and Indigenous literatures. 

In addition to scholarship, teaching and research I am passionate about fostering community and creating inclusive spaces for dialogue, collaboration and knowledge sharing. I've been part of a number of university and community projects and initiatives, and this past summer I partnered with other Digital Humanists at Queen’s in order to formulate a series of projects and events that will highlight and facilitate Digital Humanities teaching and research throughout 2015. I'm really excited to see the events come to fruition, and I look forward to blogging about the process. 

I welcome opportunities to dialogue, collaborate and particpate, so feel free to get in touch! I'm looking forward to a great year. 


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