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Our project has started to get a bit of media attention.  We've had coverage from a local Chicago paper and last night I gave an interview to an Australian Broadcasting Corporation program called "In the Loop".  The ABC is analogus to our NPR and this specific program has a strong focus on Pacific Island stories. I was pretty excited and flattered to give the interview. 


Now I'm not a night owl, so giving the interview at 10:35 pm was a little late for me, what I didn't realize was that the reason for that specifci time was that I was going on live!  Somehow this little detail got lost in the e-mail shuffle. You can hear the interview here: (will open an 11:35 .mp3 file)


The media attention has been a little strange for me. Typically scientists work largely amongst themselves, with only a few crossing over into larger outlets.  This has always struck me as  a bit of a pity because most of what we do is really interesting. I guess the real trick is finding a way to distill the jargon of science down into articulate and informative pieces that are engaging to non-technical people.  That is not always an easy thing to do (and in some cases, projects are simply non-reducable).  I wish I had recieved more traning in how to give interviews or how to bring science out to the broader world. Perhaps that's something to think about for the next DML event.  In any event, I'm enjoying this and I hope that by promoting the project in the media we can get more interested youths to become engaged in our learning lab.




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Wow, Josh, this is all just phenomenal. Many congratulations and thanks so much for posting!

For those that are interested, here is the article that appeared in the Chicago Journal:

I really love the idea of doing a special session on how to bring science out to the broader world and how to best represent your project in interviews. I'll add this to our next meeting agenda and see if we can't think about organizing a webinar around this topic.