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Getting the project going

I serve as the P.I. on a new digital learning grant funded by MacArthur and HASTAC and I figure that it's time to get myself up to speed on the digital techniques and tools available to me.  It is perhaps ironic that I've never blogged before. It's always seemed a little narcissistic to me, and trust me I'm not going to inundate you with the minutiae of my life.

What I will talk about is this project.  Weve come up with a plan - no make that and idea. Our idea is to connect students from a poorly served and marginalized neighborhood with students in Fiji and through those connections teach them about coral reef conservation, and about each other.  This idea would simply not be feasible without digital technology and I really believe that with a little bit of luck were going to be able to equip the students with tools, techniques and experiences that will allow them to become engaged learners.  We start in September, and weve got a lot of work to do.

I want to blog about this idea for two reasons.  First I think it will be useful for future winners to learn from our (inevitable) mistakes as well as from our (hopefully ultimate) successes.  Second, I want the students in the project to understand the kinds of work required to pull together an international collaboration.

So keep posted. While we are in this quiescent period Im sure the frequency of updates will be pretty low, but as we ramp up to opening Ill bump up the number of updates.  You can also follow us on twitter (@fijireef) our flickr pool (  as well as a facebook page (

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Josh (on behalf of Conservation Connections: From the West Side to the West Pacific)


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