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A Walk Into The History Of My Neighborhood

A Walk Into The History Of My Neighborhood


As I took a break from social media and my phone, it suddenly struck me that I had errands that I needed to run so I got my dog & I ready and headed out. I realized that after moving to a new place, I had no idea about the history of where I was residing. I was determined to find out as much as I could while on my walk. As my dog & I walked through the beautiful Lincoln Park, located in Jersey City, New Jersey, we enjoyed all the scenery. I was in no rush to bring my walk to a halt so we walked around the massive pond, which is one of the best parts about the entire park. I noticed an older couple feeding the ducks and decided to stop and ask if they knew anything about the park’s history. 

After spending a little time with the couple they explained to me that they’ve been coming there since they had their wedding reception in the Casino in the park. The casino was built in 1950 and has held many parties and receptions since then. I thought it was amazing how long they’d been together and the number of memories they’ve made in this very park. Then the couple had explained to me that the park was being refurbished to have another project take the place of the Casino. I was saddened to hear the news of the new project replacing the Casino in the park. I thanked them for being so kind and patient and I proceeded with my walk. There were many athletic attractions such as basketball courts, baseball fields, and tennis courts.

After running errands and walking my furry friend around the park, I wanted to dig deeper into the history of both the park and my neighborhood. I found out that the park has had many renovations throughout the building process and many additions to the landscape. Today, it is roughly 273.4 acres of land. Onto the history of my new neighborhood, Marion Gardens, originally named “Marion Section”, that was developed in the 20th century. It is said to be named after Marion Junction which is a railroad track built in the 19th century. Although there isn’t much history of this place, the one thing  I appreciate is the diversity of cultures.

There are so many injustices happening all around the world, so it’s amazing to feel like home is where so many people are accepting of each other. Everyone is “family” whether you know them or not. During hot summer days, you’re able to hear the children playing in the playground and smell the scent of family barbecues. It’s a community not many can say they enjoy being a part of but one I can say I am. After recently moving in on my own, I have come to notice the number of people in my building willing to help me with little things such as groceries or helping bring up furniture. 

I’m grateful to have been asked to take this nature walk and discover the history of this new environment. Between being a full-time student and working, I’m not sure I would have ever taken the initiative to find any of these things out. It’s a good thing to be asked to do things you wouldn’t normally do because most times you discover facts about places you’ve never known while viewing scenery you would have never dreamed of seeing before. I have lived in Jersey City my entire life and have never thought to research these parts of it. I’m happy to have been educated just a little more today than yesterday.




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