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A Collaborative Podcast Project

Every Tongue Got to Confess

Starting in 2017, the Africa and African-American Studies Program and the Department of History at Rollins College have been working with the Public History program at the University of Central Florida and the Association to Preserve Eatonville Community (P.E.C.) to produce Every Tongue Got to Confess podcast. The Confess podcast was inspired by the Communities Conference, a collaboration between Rollins College and P.E.C. that took place during the  2017 Zora! Festival in Eatonville, Florida.  This two-day conference featured scholars, community activism, and residents reflecting on the challenges facing communities of color.  Working with undergraduate and graduate students prior to the conference, we were able to record a number of episode focus on the themes of education, community, and activism.  During the 2017 conference, we were able to record several interviews with participants and these interviews comprise a second "season" of the Confess podcast.  The success of the first conference inspired the P.E.C. to team with Rollins College to pursue a second conference this January. If you are in the region, January 25, 2018, Communities Conference II will take place on the campus of Rollins College. If you cannot attend, I urge you to explore the podcast episode. I think this is a great example of collaboration between educational institutions and a community organization and we are working hard to continue these meaningful links.  


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