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Being a Futurist and Scholar of Change

Being a Futurist and Scholar of Change

Greetings from the oh-still-warmish Minneapolis, Minnesota! I am thrilled to be a part of the HASTAC 2014-15 Scholars family. This entry will be an introduction to my work and identity as a scholar. (By the way, that was me speaking to my "future self" in a fun advert-program launched by Orange last month.)

I was born and raised in the heart of Malaysia––Kuala Lumpur. Growing up, I have always considered myself fortunate to be an alum of the well-regarded Methodist Boys’ Secondary School. The premier, all-boys, high school professed an educational and ethical philosophy that has remained with me. It was this foundation, along with the support of my family, mentors, and friends that have allowed me to pursue my current endeavors.

In 2011, I completed a B.Sc. in Mass Communications at St. Cloud State University (SCSU), Minnesota, with an emphasis in advertising and minors in psychology and communication studies. In 2014, I graduated from the same university with an M.A. in English and an M.Sc. in Mass CommunicationsI am currently a graduate instructor and Ph.D. student in Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication offered through the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

As a Teacher

I am a graduate instructor of a first-year writing course in the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota, currently teaching WRIT 1301: University Writing. With an emphasis in experiential learning and rhetorical flexibility, my philosophy of teaching is motivated by a networked learning ecology that empowers student inquiry, collaboration, and self-discovery.

As a Student

My passion for learning has kept me in the classroom, both as a teacher and a student. My research interests and recent presentations revolve around online writing instruction, social media in corporate communication, and development of MOOCs (massive open online courses). I am now working on integrating the Personal Learning Network strategy into my first-year writing course to study how students’ sources/networks of learning expand and grow over the course of the semester. As for my research, I am interested in how digital technologies invite different ways of thinking and learning, and the increasingly intense flow of information occuring between humans and machines.

Follow my blog to participate in the conversations regarding issues in the teaching of writing and communication.

As a Communicator

Besides teaching, I have four years (and counting!) of professional experience in various roles as a communicator. I have run the university student newspaper, University Chronicle, as a managing editor during my time at SCSU. My years as a staff writer and editor are the springboard to my side-career as an off-site copywriter. Prior to my writing profession, I was a graphic and print designer for a learning resources center and a regional credit firm. Some of my works have been recognized with several regional awards.

I enjoy wearing different hats and trying out new things. This is probably why you will find me serving on multiple committees and projects, while being at my best as an academic. I am a strong believer of perseverance and determination. I believe everyone has the potential to be great – it’s only a matter of courage and the willingness to learn.


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