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Introduction--Jamie Henthorn

Hello all, my name is Jamie Henthorn. I am a PhD Candidate at Old Dominion University and this is my second time participating in FSDW. I'm about half way done drafting my dissertation, which looks at embodied acts in various online communities. Dissertation writng is in full force right now as I've accepted a full-time instructor postion at ODU starting this fall. I need to have as much of my diss done before I start teaching a 4/4 load.

The piece that I am bringing to FSDW is for a presentation I'm giving at Console-ing Passions next week. It's a case study on a facebook group called Mom on the Run. My dissertation is about embodiment in general, but gender plays a big part in this group and I'd like to eventually make this presentation into an article. Right now I need help applying a feminist lense to a piece that doesn't yet really have it.

I look forward to working with my group.


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I am sorry to miss CP this year. Your conference presentation sounds interesting. Given the social mandates for intensive mothering, i wonder if "Mom on the Run" specifies some particular identity or is a mandate about cultural norms.I can forward some literature on motherhood, work, and technology if that would prove useful.