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Conferencing in the Digital Humanities: Share Your Stories

One of my greatest sources of excitement as a graduate student is the opportunity to attend conferences and meet colleagues and thought partners from around the country. Virtually nothing gives me a better sense for the kinds of conversations happening in the field than listenting to new, cutting edge research during conference talks or inbetween sessions. The challenge involved in attending conferences is usually a pleasant one: Which conferences should I attend? 

This year, I encountered an unexpected, if ironic, difficulty. The two conferences I most hoped to attend -- HASTAC and Computers and Writing -- were scheduled to happen at the same time, but many, many miles apart. Where should I go? How should I choose? 

A brief search of the site reveals a history of commentary concerning not only its HASTAC conference, but also -- to a lesser extent -- the Computers and Writing conference which, in 2015, provided a scheduling conflict. (See and for examples.) Clearly, there is at least some communal overlap not only in the academic content of these conferences, but also in research interests of the groups that attend them. 




I'm curious, then, to know if anyone else currently active in the community has had to choose between attending HASTAC and the Computers and Writing conferences. How did you choose? What factors did you consider? If you attended one and not the other, were there ways that you attempted to digitally attend or engage with the other conference? 

Share your stories! 


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