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Introducing Myself

I am an undergraduate scholar attending Mississippi State University. I chose to double major in English and Philosophy because I have a strong desire for knowledge. If I could, I would add another major, but instead I settled on adding the pre-law minor. Literature helps me understand the world around me. Both poetry and prose are important arts to me that the English major helps me strengthen. Studying Philosophy has broadened my views and advanced how I critically think. In the future, I hope to lead a career in research while furthering my understanding of the world around me. By doing so, I can pass on my knowledge to other people, just as my instructors have done for me.


As a HASTAC Scholar, I will do a series of podcast episodes to explore these research questions. I will interview guests, from undergrad students to scholars, and discuss their use of social media. Topics explored in the podcast will include: the spread of misinformation in online spaces related to the pandemic and elections, online academic communities outside of colleges, the academic risks and successes of using social media, and how to expand open access to scholarship. My open access podcast will target scholars at all stages, but I want to focus especially on college students. I want to create a series through which college students can listen to and gain some perspective on the importance of using social media platforms critically. I hope the podcasts will create an open dialogue for learning and sharing ideas.


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