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BuddyPress for a Course Site

I am teaching Introduction to New Media this semester and decided to abandon our university course management software and use BuddyPress instead. I used it in a tutorial in 2010. It was clunky then. But the new version + plugins that are available seem like they will be easier to manage than trying to make the CMS do things it isn't designed to do. Part of the course is work needing to do work psudonomously, but publicly, and the CMS can't do that either. Last year I had all seniors so they create their own personal websites. This year the course is mainly Freshman and Sophomores, so I wanted to do something different as they aren't about to go out in search of permanent jobs.

I was wondering if anyone else has or is using BuddyPress for a course? How did it work out? are there any plugins you would suggest?


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