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View from Peru

Julie Keane wrote a wonderful post on the conference at EdTech Digest. You can read it at (and you should and check out the raw notes linked at the bottom too)


One of the most important takeaways from the post for me was this:

It is important that we realize the discourse on education reform is typically U.S. centric. Therefore we must continually work harder to not just incorporate, but meaningfully participate in, global educational approaches and dialogue with international partners.


I, and hope most of the people who attended, were grateful to have the voices in the rooms that were  there. People who worked at the ministry of culture were able to attend the conference at no cost, and were encouraged to. In every session I went too, whenever things became US centric, people spoke up, asked questions, and moved the conversation into a more inclusive space where the people we were building bridges with contributed as much as we did if not more.

So, yes, read the post. And thank you again to our hosts and the other attendees for making the conference such a wonderful experience.


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