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I think I will do it the easy way

My transition to working primarily on diss work is basically here. Sort of.  I do so much "digital thinking", basically making digital projects as I work through the theoretical aspects of my project, that I can't imagine it not being a part of the work.  After spending a few weeks trying to figure out what I want my diss to look feel like, I think I've finally just accepted that I should do it on wordpress. Between the themes and plugins, it seems like the least stressful method of putting everything together.  It also allows me to add short form asides to longer form writing. I can add images with no hassle that link to the digital projects around them. It makes things searchable and filterable. Etc.  The only things I am trying to determine now is what will the traditional counterpart look/feel like? and what content is restricted to only the written or only the digital portion?


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