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Digital Dissertations: Join Me!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well.  I saw this group, and then saw that nobody here. I decided to occupy it!  If you are dissertating and thinking about adding digital components, if you aren't there yet but think you might want to add digital components, or if you are done dissertating but are curious to see where all this digital stuff is taking the dissertation, please join me! I feel like I am working in a void and I'd love to have people to speak with about all of this, share work, thoughts, and experiences as I go through this part of my Ph.D. program. I would also love if people who have done digital dissertations or digital components to their dissertation had a central location on HASTAC to share their work. What better place than this group?

What is happening with me and my dissertation (or why I want this group to be active)

I am entering that point where I am working on dissertated related research and writing drafts of things.  Part of my method of thinking through what I'm working on is playing with pieces digitally.  Occasionally, I make these things public.  I've decided that some selected digital projects will need to be in my dissertaton.  One of my co-chairs is also encouraging me to push for submission of a non-traditional dissertation.  I'm not quite there yet.  I have an image in my head of a digital version and a traditional (but digitally augmented) version of my dissertation.  We'll see how it all works out in the end.


I hope some of you decide to join!




Thanks for taking the initiative to restart this group, Jade! It looks like it was created back when HASTAC was collecting projects of interest and posting them on the site as groups. It doesn't have an owner now, would you like to be an administrator? Than you can update the description, etc.

Groups can have more than one administrator, so if anyone else is interested as well just let me know.


That would be fantatstic, as would a co-admin!

Thanks Ruby!


Since the comment posted twice thought i'd make it useful.  If anyone is interested in being a co-admin for this group with me, let me and/or Ruby know!


You're in charge of Digital Dissertations now, Jade. Although I'm not sure that it wouldn't be better to start a new group since this one does have a separate purpose, if only archivally. 


If it makes more sense to start a new group let me know.  This was the only diss group I saw though, and the title was what I was hoping to use ;)  I didn't see any past posts in the group.


Jade, we discussed how to handle this today and we think it's best to start a new group so we can keep this old project for archival purposes. 

I will set it up so that I can move the content over and will also add all of the new members of this group to that new group. Thanks for understanding!


Good deal! Thanks for your help Ruby.



Thanks for starting this back up! I am at the beginning stages of dissertation planning and am aiming at the digital route. 

If we want to start gathering resources for ourselves and others, Amanda Visconti's recent piece on how to get started on a digital dissertation is a great place to begin.

Let me know if I can help!




I think having a single post that grows in the comment section where people can post stuff might make sense? That way if/when we need to come back we have a single page with all the stuff?

and help is always fantastic! Want to take the lead on the resource post?


I would recommend using a wiki. On any wiki page can be edited by members of whichever group the wiki is in.


That makes a lot of sense -_-

Jeri, want to take the lead?  If not, I'll get to it later this afternoon.




Sure! I'll look into setting up a wiki!


Thanks for the link, Jeri! (I've started blogging regularly about my non-traditional DH/literature dissertation process over at This group is a great idea, and I look forward to hearing about your dissertations.


Hi Jade,

Thanks for creating this group. I'm not yet at the dissertation stage, but have been toying around with the idea of doing one once I get there.  I look forward to following this group and learning from your experiences in creating a digital dissertation. 

~Lori Beth 


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