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Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello Everyone!

I'm pleased to be part of such an exciting community here on HASTAC. As I learn more about this diverse group of scholars and your fascinating work that continues to push the boundaries of scholarship, I am even more excited to share my own work, collaborate, and connect in various ways. I have enjoyed reading and participating in what HASTAC has to offer for nearly a year now, and my involvement in HASTAC has certainly helped solidify my interest in the study of 21st century literacies, digital pedagogy, and most importantly, access to networks and resources. 

I'm currently a second-year master's student in the Rhetoric & Writing program at St. Cloud State University. As an undergraduate student, you could've found me hanging out between the rows of books in the library, my nose stuck between the pages of Brautigan's Trout Fishing in America, Bukowski's Post Office, or the poems of Jack Hirschman. My love of literature --and the study of disembodied voices in culture-- has inspired me to share my enthusiasm with others through mentoring, tutoring, and teaching, both in my home state of Minnesota and in northern Japan following the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. I remain committed to service in both local and global communities, and though you will no longer find me reading cut-up poetry in the park, my work as a student of rhetoric and composition reflects my joy of language, culture, and ensuring equity and access to education. 

As a teacher of composition, I hope to inspire students to think critically about the digital landscapes they traverse. The Web, though an empowering space for writers, presents some rocky terrain. The role of power in shaping this environment encourages me to learn more about issues of intellectual property, accessibility, and authorship on social networks – topics that shed light on the scenery for writers both in, though, and beyond digital spaces.  

My work as a teacher and student continues to influence my approach to research. I have presented my work at both regional and national conferences, spanning topics from web bots to MOOCs and composition pedagogy to automated essay scoring. This fall, I look forward to helping facilitate a digital workshop at the Survive and Thrive Conference in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where I will encourage conference participants to share stories of survival. As a complex web of writers share experiences with health, this mini-MOOC experiment will combine the power of narrative medicine with the evolving nature of digital connections. Yet the event will do much more than project the experiences of conference participants. Instead, it is my hope to initiate a diverse and inclusive discussion with a global community of writers, further exploring the potential of writing to heal using the social networking tools at our disposal.

As a HASTAC Scholar, I intend to initiate discussions about the power of writing to heal and overcome, the relationship of technological apparatuses to our bodies, and the transdisciplinary nature of medical humanities in the digital age. Serving as a HASTAC Scholar will provide me with much more than an opportunity to share the developments of my research activities that seek to empower writers. The collaboration, feedback, and guidance from other members of the HASTAC community will be instrumental to the shaping of my interests, identity, and approach to scholarship.

I look forward to working with you! 


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