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Summary of FSDW 2015, Critical Studies group, Irene Sotiropoulou

A) THe following summary has been prepared by our group member Karina R. Lopez


B)This is the summary i prepared for the workshop as a wrap-up:

I am grateful i was part of this workshop (and honoured for being a group leader) because i had the chance to attend Amanda's workshop and at the same time, to re-work again a paper that i had long left behind, although i wanted to prepare it for a journal. My groups' submissions were very interesting and intellectually challenging.

As a whole, the workshop is an excellent way to bring together feminists from various backgrounds. An issue that was prominent in our group was the lack of time and the time constraints scholars have and affect the chance to participate in the workshop as they wish. I do not know how this can be resolved, f.ex. extending the duration of the workshop, or pre-uploading/pre-sending the texts so that people can have time to read them.

As a group leader, I was very concerned about the real, material constraints participants might have to get active and get the most out of the workshop. On the other hand, following Amanda Strauss' ideas, I think that the digital format of the entire workshop helps so that each participant does what is possible to be done.

Note: This post will be edited by adding summaries written by group members, as soon as possible.



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