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Irene Sotiropoulou, Introduction to FSDW15

Hello everyone! I am very glad I participate in FSDW15. I am a researcher based in Greece and my specialty is heterodox economics, particularly economies and economic structures which are not capitalist and some of them are non-patriarchal either.


The draft paper I have brought here for feedback has been based on an idea that emerged during my PhD research – that project was not designed to be directly feminist but it became directly feminist as it evolved. I have finished my PhD in December 2012 and I am still working on the gender aspects of non-capitalist or at least non-mainstream economic structures.


Therefore, the paper focuses on the women’s role in grassroots groups and schemes which aspire to defy mainstream economy (i.e. capitalist economy) in Greece. Actually, having already written another paper on findings concerning such women’s role, I now try to explore in depth the tension between the effort done by women for building more humane economic structures and the pressures exercised on the grassroots schemes and their members. The pressures originate in the mainstream practices and mentalities and the conditions those practices and ideologies create in real terms even in progressive spaces. In other words, this paper presents the hard work done by women for alternative economic structures and the challenges they face due or during this work like time constraints, overload of tasks, lack of means of production or even sexist behaviours and harassment.


I would appreciate any feedback, comment, critique, advice, idea, even personal narration/experience that might add to this exploration and this topic, whether it can be directly linked to the paper or not. One of my main directions for research after my PhD was over, has been to explore gender aspects and patriarchal / anti-patriarchal/ non-patriarchal practices in non-capitalist economies. So, all ideas and comments and critique are more than useful at this stage. The paper is just a starting point for the discussion.


You may contact me at irene.sotiropoulou[at] and find me at twitter as Rizika Oikonomika    @rizikaoikonomik

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