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Pirates:Discovering The Planet - A collective book project [Call for Papers, Supports or Collaborations]

Pirates:Discovering The Planet - A collective book project [Call for Papers, Supports or Collaborations]

With the transition from oral culture to written culture, there came the rise of authority or power (e.g., organized tribes, religion etc.) that in effect began to control the creation, gather, processing and/or diffusion of information. Not surprisingly, this control planted the seeds for conflict -between those who wanted to keep information in their "mono-oligopolies" and those who wanted information to remain free and open. The latter types of person or their organized systems are often conceptualized as pirates and so on.

What is the differences between consuming via mass media or pirated internet? Is the pop culture happy with that? Or as always does the capital has some issues with loosing some? Why the information must be free? Is the cyber underground world made of criminal like in real world? What about the Habermas’s Public Sphere diffusion? But also the Baudrillard’s reality in a high definition cyber culture? The distance between the real and virtual getting close? Or is the simulation getting more real? What do we call to the new culture? Is cyber just enough for the definition of new one? The questions can be more and more.

Where do we stand vis-à-vis piracy in the current age of knowledge society? To be sure, piracy, as noted above, was not invented by the computer age, but rather with the creation of information by the humanity. Piracy, is arguably, a social insurance through horizontalization of power systems that otherwise enact on information. Seen in this light, piracy is a method to examine the contemporary culture in the digital age where information is co-produced in distributed locales, and where see not only proliferation of information but also the locales that embody it.

In the early day of 21st Century, and with the change in the mode of diffusion from transportation (where information co-travels with its human agent), to transmission (where information can travel digitally without its human agent), the character of piracy has changed to 21st Century digital form but the attendant power systems remained in a more physical form of 20th Century's authoritarian oligarch.

As we struggle for a more horizontal and free planet and 21st Century human society, we shall continue our discoveries in the present book through the following #hashtags (click for the list of hashtags in text format) for individual chapters.

I am a self‐funded independent scientist and working an Asst.Prof (holding a PhD in Informatics under Journalism), also head of the departments of Journalism and Communication Informatics.

Pirates: Discovering the Planet is a scientific book project about realizing/explaining the 21st century that we are living in it, you can find the subjects as in # hashtags at the website

Flying Editor ‐ Editorial Round The World Travel: is an another project to support the scientific part by traveling as an Editorial Round The World Traveler for the interviews with authors and also final editorial revisions and approvals for all chapters of Pirates:Discovering the Planet Book. My travels depend on where chapters of the book come from.

P.S. These projects are still looking for a host university in Europe as visiting professor/researcher/project.

Pirates: Discovering the Planet Book
Flying Editor:
A brief description can be found also at:‐brief‐description‐of‐the2ideas/


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