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Electronic Pickpocketting: Protect your cash, protect your identity

You would never think you are vulnerable to this exploit.  I think we all are vulnerable, so I am posting this for us to beware of.

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One is not sure of what to expect with the trends that comes with the advancement of technology in the digital age.  Before now, one would think that it is a safe thing and better idea to travel with ones credit card so as to avoid a situation in the event of theft.  Times are changing along with digitization processes.  So also are some miscreants who work hard at developing schemes to beat the system.  Today, there is a trend that bits my imagination and I thought it will make sense to bring this to the attention of others.  It is the electronic pickpocketing. It is a fact.  As wireless payment transactions get more popular so too electronic pickpocketing does alarmingly and surprisingly on the increase.  A most recent activity was with the Target store.  One will wonder how the credit card information of unwary customers who shopped at Target during the last days of 2013 got snatched.  Debates are ongoing and researchers are working hard to nib this act.  To what extent this will be successful is yet to be determined.   John P. Mello Jr in his article on the same subject  outline ways that these activities are hatched. For details see: Electronic pickpockets: fact or fantasy?


I am of the view that we all need to work out ways and/or learn how to protect not only our data but also our identity.  We should be enthusiastic on how to protect our hard earned cash and identity.  Check out more tips on:

Please, play safe and stay protected….


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