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New publication: "Capturing the sociomateriality of digital literacy events" (Bhatt & de Roock 2013)

The following is a link to new publication of mine as part of a Special Issue of the 'Research in Learning Technology' journal. The special issue focuses on research related to scholarship and literacies in a digital age: (PDF)

"Capturing the sociomateriality of digital literacy events" (by Ibrar Bhatt and Roberto de Roock) is a reflection on a certain approach to methodology which draws together recent advances in Digital Literacy Studies, sociomateriality, and video analysis.

I hope that you find it interesting and useful.

The rest of the issue has some very interesting articles on the intersections between literacy theories, technologies, and society. Highly recommended if you want to know what the current themes and challenges are in this fascinating arena of research

Ibrar Bhatt


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