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My (Rather Late) Introduction!

Hello HASTAC! Sorry for the extremely late introduction, it's been an incredibly busy month and I've just had time to start looking around.

I'm Ian Alan Paul, a PhD student in UC Santa Cruz's Film and Digital Media Program (a practice-based PhD) that is working conceptually through the discourses of postnational human rights, feminist citiques of human rights, and how various networks organize in relation to human rights. I also have a deep interest in database aesthetics and actor-network theory, and will most likely be producing a database video project for my dissertation on the aforementioned topics. I have about a year of coursework left, and am currently teaching at UC San Diego for the Fall quarter.

My past projects have included the Guantanamo Bay Museum of Art and History, the Do Not Kill Registry, and the Border Haunt Online Performance.

Looking forward to getting to know you all (digitally) and sharing ideas!




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