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Data Mining

In today’s society, technology has been integrated into every aspect of the-average individual’s life in the work

environment. The process of digital record keeping for example has proven to be more efficient and is used in medical offices, hospital or colleges, or many other business entities private or government. Many companies have considered adapting to go paperless in their daily proceedings. The process of filing data for everything has expanded enormously that companies needed bigger servers in order to keep processing data, which led to the birth of big data. Big data evolved from the way data is collected, to the way data is accessed, to analyze the data, and by special processing the data, it is then used to make specific predictions in many areas in many fields of work — whether it’s aerospace, retail, finance, manufacturing transportation, etc. Faster and cheaper computers with more storage, and advanced computer algorithms were created to make this process feasible. Big data is widely used for the purpose of market segmentation, fraud detection, and a market basket analysis; the many capabilities of data mining made its demand continue to soar. It is estimated that by the year of 2017 data mining will become a 50- billion dollar market.






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