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Back for another year!

I am back for a second year as a HASTAC scholar, after really enjoying the experience last year. I was inspired by the HASTAC community to explore using technology in my classroom while teaching a Freshman Writing Seminar and had great results, as I blogged about last year.

This year, though, I am not teaching, and am instead focused on finishing up my dissertation. My research centers on modern and contemporary art in Morocco, thinking especially about what the idea of public engagement means and, as part of that, how a public is constituted. Locality plays a big role in my work – how is the local defined, and on what register? As I am writing about contemporary art, this also means that within this recent history, there are internet-based platforms and new kinds of publics that are defined in different ways.

So I am back for year two, hoping to be equally inspired but primarily within my research as opposed to within the classroom. I’m looking forward to the year ahead, and trying to tease out some of these thoughts here!


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