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Greetings from Wisconsin!

First of all, hello! I'm extremely excited and honored to work with all of you.

My name is Katie Hobbs, and I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay.  I plan on graduating this upcoming Spring with Bachelor's degrees in Philosophy and English Literature.

When I'm not reading and writing for classes, I stay quite involved on campus: I work in the Union as a Building Manager, I'm a "peer mentor" for a freshman seminar class, I'm a member of our campus's Leadership Task Force, and I belong to our school's chapters of Sigma Tau Delta and Circle K.  For Circle K (a community service student org and the collegiate level of Kiwanis), I also serve on the Wisconsin - Upper Michigan District Board as a Lieutenant Governor.

I began learning the world of the Digital Humanities last Fall through an independent study course offered by a professor on campus, Dr. Chuck Rybak.  Dr. Rybak introduced myself and a handful of other interested students to the world of data mining, word clouds, Twitter in the classroom, HASTAC, and much more.  Dr. Rybak has steadily began incorporating digital projects into the courses he teaches, with hopes to shape Digital Humanities into an area of study on campus.  I'm very excited to share my experiences as the Digital Humanities become more prominent on my campus, and I'm thankful to play a role in shaping the program. 

As a HASTAC scholar, I hope to keep the HASTAC community posted on the progress of the Digital Humanities at UWGB, and to explore the importance and value of incoporating technology into the Humanities, an area of study that has found itself increasingly undervalued by society.  Personally, I'd also like to explore the use of technology in Philosophy studies, as the field of Philosophy seems most resistant to technology incorportation (and could perhaps benefit most from it). As I'm not anything above a beginner in the digital movement, I'm also here to learn everything I can!

I sincerely look forward to getting to know all of you throughout the coming year. I can't wait to learn from the vast wealth of knowledge that you all have, and to perhaps share some insight (and humor) of my own. I always welcome your feedback, comments, and questions, so please don't hesistate to contact me!

Thank you for your time, go class of 2014!

-Katie Hobbs


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