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Queer Internet Studies Conference 2014 Re-cap

The wonderful  Jack Gieseking and Jessa Lingel put together the inaugural Queer Internet Studies Conference (QIS2014) for April 4th, 2014, at Columbia University in NYC. In the creators' words, the purpose of the QIS Confernece is to

...[bring] together thinkers, makers and doers in a workshop format who draw upon social scientific methods to do work at the intersection of queer life and the internet. Taking Samuel Delany’s (2001) call for lgbtq contact and networking to heart, we seek to bring together researchers who investigate the construction of queer communities, the development of queer knowledge production and cultures, and assess how queer identity is understood and archived. This workshop is geared towards fostering scholarly, activist, and journalistic opportunities for digital technologies and queer storytelling and visualization. We look to identify existing projects as well as suggest future collaborations of writers, scholars, and technologists interested in possibilities for supporting the development of the queer internet and queering the internet.

Check out my Storify of the Queer Internet Studies Conference 2014 as captured by the #QIS2014 hastag on Twitter:




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