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How to edit a wiki on HASTAC

We hope that you'll find it easy to edit wikis on Here are some step-by-step tips:

  1. First things first -- you have to be logged in and a member of the group that hosts the wiki (in this case, the #FutureEd group).
  2. View the wiki page that you would like to edit.
  3. Click the yellow button on the left sidebar that says “Edit wiki page.”
  4. Edit the page as you would any webpage or text document. Feel free to add new resources, examples, and ideas. If you are editing someone else’s contribution, please edit with care and respect.
  5. When you are finished editing, click the yellow “Save” button at the bottom of the page to save and publish your changes.


Please Note:

  • As with any wiki, members' edits are tracked in our Drupal system. If you would like to add a note about your edits, choose the “Revision Information” vertical tab at the bottom of the editing window. That allows you to explain your edits, add questions, etc.
  • Wiki edits are not saved and will not display until you save your changes by clicking the yellow “Save” button at the bottom of the editing page.
  • Only one person at a time can edit the wiki. If more than one person edits the wiki simultaneously, people’s edits may be saved over and lost.  

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