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A MOOC on Higher Ed

A MOOC on Higher Ed

This fall, take part in a MOOC on higher ed: Current/Future State of Higher Education: An Open Online Course.

Weekly course topics will include:

  1. Change pressures: What is influencing higher education? (Oct. 8-14)
  2. Net pedagogies: New models of teaching and learning (Oct. 15-21)
  3. Entrepreneurship and commercial activity in education (Oct. 22-28)
  4. Big data and analytics (Oct. 29-Nov. 4)
  5. Leadership in education (Nov. 4-11)
  6. Distributed research: New models of inquiry (Nov. 12- 18)

Course activities will include readings, videos, and recommended activities. In addition, guest speakers will host live weekly presentations. Content will range from peer-reviewed articles articulating the landscape of educational change, to interactive activities allowing course participants to contribute to the knowlege base of each topic.

I'll be participating, and I hope you'll join in the fun as well! To register, visit


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