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Introduction: Harry Halpin (Duke) Blogging the Interface Seminar

Everyone, An absolutely fascinating seminar at Duke University entitled the "Interface" seminar brings together an interdisciplinary team of academics to "thinktank" on various issues related to new media and information technologies, as well as their theoretical underpinnings. Regardless, I thought people involved in the HASTAC network would be interested in this. More information is available at: Before going further, a brief autobiographical aside may be in order that hopefully will not be taken too much as an exercise in vanity. I'm Harry Halpin - a postgraduate student in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh taking a year off working with Rachael Brady and Cathy Davidson in order to be part of the excitement in Duke around HASTAC. My main interests lie in Web technologies, philosophy, networks, and visualization. I'll be working on a digital exhibition on the "History and Future of the Interface" - which hopefully many of you will see at the HASTAC InFormation conferece at Duke in April, and that exhibition in general should "connect the dots" between many of these themes. I'll be posting my notes from each of the seminar sessions over the next day or two, and from hereon out will be blogging the Interface seminar sessions "live," i.e. weekly, when they begin again on January 10th.


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