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Heather Pleasants Intro: Part II

Hello All--

Really looking forward to this week of work and dialogue! I'm currently continuing work from last year, but forgot to mention a couple of things--my colleague Dana Salter and I just published an edited book: Community-Based Multiliteracies and Digital Media Projects: Questioning Assumptions and Exploring Realities. The best part of the book project was the opportunity to work with a group of absolultely amazing community-based (digital) media makers, across a variety of contexts (many of whom are actually my sheroes). 

Over the last year, I've also been working with the Southern Places, Digital Spaces Collaborative--we're a group of interdisciplinary scholars who are interested in highlighting and exploring digital media and digital literacies work being done in U.S. South contexts--both as a way to continue the mapping work that folks are doing, and also to think reflectively about how work being done in the U.S. South can inform current conversations about challenges and possibilities of community-based digital media and digital literacies work. 

At the current moment, I'm beginning work on the intergenerational literacies of women of color who are socially and politically active in the South, as part of a larger oral history project looking at political activity in Alabama after the Voting Rights Act was passed. 

All the Best,

Heather Pleasants

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