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Augmented reality, handheld experience

This week, for fun and field research I visited Epcot and accepted a mission from the Kim Possible World Showcase Experience. An ultra-interactive quest, I joined Team Possible and my mission and clues were transmitted via my "Kimmunicator". It was an average looking rugged fliphone that had extraordinary capabilities. I was enthralled by the staging of the scene in the middle of a bustling theme park, transported to the "streets of Paris". My husband and I, numerous families with kids and young adults were gathering clues and locating coordinates all within close proximity to one another - engaged in this high-level technology experiential that felt uniquely personal.

Click! is a program of Girls, Math & Science Partnership that since inception five years ago has offered an extroirdinarily immersive summer camp experience for young teen girls as agents, solving STEM mysteries. It's popularity has increased and themes have grown to include Biomedic, Environmental and most recently Expressive Technology. We are very privileged to be one of the 2010 DML winners, to translate this concept online. In 2010 we held off  running the camps  to focus on beginning  development of the game. We will be running two camps this summer and are now considering how to merge it all - on-site teens, online games, off-site challenges, multiple themes, iphones, various ages + returning agents for peer mentoring.

We are beginning our second phase of the online game, building the virtual Spy School headquarters. We have been working with CMU's Entertainment Technology Center, relying on their interactive expertise. Together we have created a really strong initial set of mini-games and the architecture for the narative-driven challenges.

We are excited and highly anticipating being a part of the showcase at the DMLConference, checking out what our cohorts have been up to!


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