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Quantum Bodies

Lately, I've been toying with the idea of theorizing a body that can be seen as both discursive space and a real physical space--open to perceptions and physical limits.

I like the idea of performativity. I still very much buy into post-modern philosophy. However, I feel like it has gone too far for the most part. It seems like the body is seen as nothing more than discourse. I want to back away from that position. I want to find a way to talk about a "real" body, real forms that organize the ways our bodies move, and even some concept of "real" perception--and yet also acknowledge the way power and discourse creates performance and bodies as well. I'm looking to talk about some sort of melding between phenomenology and post-modern theory--if that makes sense. For me, thinking about the body in online spaces has been a productive starting point for thinking through this sort of both/and  phenomenology/post-modernism theory. Online, we are--at the same time--fully embodied beings subject to discursive enfleshment--but also taking up very real sensory knowledges and experiences.--and also we are avatar bodies that are subject to discourse in different ways (in other words, I'm not sure discursive power operates in Second Life the same way it does in "real life".), and also our avatarial bodies are still deployed to take up sensory experience. So, somehow this multiplicity of sites and perceptions allows me to get to a place where I can talk about multiple modalities of bodies; bodies that are both discursive and also rooted in some sort of "real". Or at least, that is kind of where I am right now in my theorizing. I'm trying to think of bodies as sort of quantum beings--sort of non-Newtonian beings in the same way we have non-Newtonian substances.

Wow! That was a bit of a ramble on my part. Sorry for that. I'm not even sure if it makes sense at this point.


Anybody else working on this kind of thing? Any thought to contribute?


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