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A few (uncommon) things to consider before jumping into your next digital project

A few (uncommon) things to consider before jumping into your next digital project


Start really small. Though this may seem simple, one of the pitfalls of digital humanities is that so many great ideas start off too big and quickly become untenable—and difficult, if not impossible to finish. One way you can prevent unwieldy projects is to start small and scale them as you are able. If you are building a digital archive, for instance, start with building one category of items and move to the next when you are able, instead of trying to build the archive all at once.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

You’ve already got your audience in mind, now how do you get them to find your website? Consider SEO—it’s the use of targeted keywords recognized by search engines to draw users to a website. Though this is not a common consideration in the digital humanities, using SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the most widespread way for your audience—or potential users of your project—to find your site. 

A social media account for your project

Let’s think of social media as a type of public humanities. In addition to using SEO techniques to get your project out there, using a social media account specifically for your DH project might be a way to get your work on the internet’s radar. There are a range of creative options regarding platforms: Facebook and Twitter, of course, but Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok all target different kinds of audiences, and may be worth considering depending on the type of scholarship or media your project entails.


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