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The authors in this section focus on some useful writing exercises to use both in class and as homework for students. This section asks, and provides possible answers to, the following questions: How can our traditional ways of examining students’ writing translate into digital practices? How can blogs become more of an integral part of the student’s work during the semester and their overall grade? How can the practice of shortening and tightening a one-page personal narrative to the length of a tweet teach students how to revise texts? And how can public blogging and sharing texts publicly make students better understand the social value and function of their academic writing?

  1. Sample Assignment: Crafting Personal Ethnographies
  2. CRUNCH Time! -- "Writing a Pitch"
  3. Pedagogy Project: Gaming Discourse Assignment
  4. Beyond the term paper: Integrating class blogging into midterm/final exams
  5. The Revision Cycle

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