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Assessment Strategy

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As humanities scholarship goes digital, the question of how we assess digital scholarship and multimodal work is becoming increasingly critical. Digital technologies also offer new assessment possibilities as we can now use a vast array of technology-based tools and techniques to evaluate our students’ assignments and classroom performance.

In this section, Picard shows us how to use Google Forms for assignment collection and for peer- and self- assessment. Following Picard, Draxler in “Leveling Up” shows us how we can use technology to gamify classroom assessment by involving the students in their own grading process. In “Better Grading Through Technology,” Lundberg treats us to a round of various technologies, including apps, software, and devices for timekeeping, dictation, text expansion, and recording, that she uses as grading aides in her composition and rhetoric courses.

  1. Better Grading Through Technology
  2. "Level Up": A Tool for Gamefying Grading
  3. Using Google Forms for Class Assignments

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