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Social Media and Public Scholarship

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Twitter and Wikipedia are the main focal points of this section: How can we use the two platforms, and what utility can they have for us as instructors? In the section, you will find everything from hands-on assignments to be used in the classroom—collaborative tweeting and editing of Wikipedia articles—to longer projects using Twitter as part of the graded assignments for your class and using Wikipedia as a historian in order to understand the implications of students’ academic writing. Many of the pedagogical tools, assignments, and exercises described also employ a “critical attitude” towards the use of social media, contextualizing the pitfalls and potential dangers of such platforms.

  1. Reading and Writing Wikipedia: a prospective syllabus
  2. Teaching with Pinterest and Wikipedia
  3. Teaching with Twitter – Please check your baggage at the door
  4. Teaching with Wikipedia: the Why, What, and How
  5. Tweeting reading responses: an interactive alternative to response papers
  6. Using Twitter as a Pedagogical Tool: Tweet Jam
  7. Wikipedia in the History Classroom

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