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Pedagogical Strategy

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Pedagogical strategy is at the heart of digital pedagogy. We need only follow the important work of HASTAC’s own Cathy Davidson to know that strategy, when combined with creative (and perhaps radical) openness to innovation, can help shape future pedagogies. As instructors focused on classroom innovation that is at once rigorous, relevant, and novel, we recognize the importance of a deliberate instructional strategy.  In this section, we collect practiced and refined instructional strategies that have been cultivated in online, in-person, and ‘transdisciplinary’ classrooms.

The authors in this section undertake explorations of innovation and best-practices within DOCCs (Enszer), MOOCs and LMX (Guarcello), Flipped Classes and STEAMy digital humanities courses (Gould). We are also introduced to Gould’s SEE Method, Hitt’s presentation of alternative forms of participation, and Lee’s conception of Interdisciplinarity as a Method of Thinking.

  1. Collaborative Note Taking
  2. Do we give students credit for being more web-literate than they are?
  3. Duke Flipping the Classroom Faculty Panel - STEM Flips, TBL, POGIL, and STEAMy Digital Humanities
  4. MOOCs and LMX? Surveying the Intersections Between Massive Open Online Courses and Leader-­Member Exchange Theory
  5. The True Value of Self-Deprecation
  6. Theories of Feminisms: A DOCC
  7. Transdisciplinary Pedagogy and the Methodology of Interdisciplinary Thinking

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